Converting a Graflex to a Darth Vader ROTJ style saber

Ear Bending
Test Fit
Bottom Shell
Install Parts
EL Elect.
The Joining
Finishing Up
Finished Pics



Once it is stripped down to the bear top shell we will begin work on this part as the majority of the modifications take place just to the top shell. The next step I took here was the drill out the hex bolt holes, I used a template that I printed out and wrapped around the outside of the tube. I have provided to style of templates bellow, it is up to you and only you to choose which style you like best.


This first template is in the movie style of the saber and is commonly referred to as the M.O.M. style template. As that refers to the traveling Star Wars prop exhibit that was called the Magic Of the Myth that has traveled all over the US and parts of the world. This hole pattern matches up to the sloppy-drill-the-holes-anywhere pattern of the saber that has traveled all over the world and has been published in many books. So if you want accuracy to the real saber that has been on display then use this template. Also referred to as the non-symmetric style too.


This second template, bellow, is a modified version of the one above. This template has been cleaned up as referring to lining the holes up as best as possible in a symmetrical pattern while still trying to retain the look and feel of the real prop. So this gives it a clean uniformed look to the hole pattern as if someone took the time to actually measure out where the bolts should be as compared to just drilling them anywhere as the above shows.



These templates are presented at full size and all you need to do is save this picture to your computer and then print it out to full size.